Selected Vibe is a company founded on ingenuity, with a dynamic group of Aero-space Engineers constantly creating new and exciting ways for the best vape.
What can this well-oiled machine do? We manufacture, design, and formulate to provide our customers with the best products and services.

Our Vape products mimic the actions of airplane turbines by allowing the internal alloy mesh coils to heat e-juice after 1.1 seconds, that’s 50% faster than the traditional vape devices on the market. Each device uses mechanisms that glide air instead of pulling air, this means smooth, cloud-like draws for optimum taste and flavor. The alloy mesh coils work in tandem to provide 30% more vapor production than the heated wire found in older vape models. Selected Vibe vape products are almost silent when used, with no popping or bubble sounds, just a calm, clean use every time. Imagine a dense flavor pack cloud entering and leaving your mouth; that is the exact experience we aim for.
Selected Vibe has invested hours and thousands of dollars to develop the most reliable batter on the market. Our research and technology have allowed our engineers to build a long-lasting battery that is slick and slim in appearance but can last for hours at a time. Each vape is sent to independent research facilities where researchers have ranked our products amongst the best in the industry, from safety performances, charging capabilities, and sizes we are confident that our product leads the market.
Provide products with the best ingenuity and technology for customers to enjoy core values. Create products that are innovative and of the best quality that our company and customers will respect and love.
Work with integrity, act on innovation, and exceed customer expectations.
Selected Vibe is a company that prides itself on leading and setting market trends.
Quality speaks for itself, and innovation is a must. From our Executives, workers, and retail partners, we value each person, space, and project.Every aspect of our mission is essential, and we won’t compromise our mission or values at the expense of our team.
Committed to becoming an international first-class company with great innovation and intermational vision.
100% pure mesh coil
A mesh coil refers to a specific type of heating element used in some modern vaping devices and electronic cigarettes. It is designed to replace traditional wire coils found in most atomizers and tanks.

A mesh coil is made from a thin piece of mesh material, often stainless steel or Kanthal, which is formed into a mesh-like pattern. This mesh structure offers several benefits over traditional wire coils:

Even Heating: The mesh design provides a larger surface area for the e-liquid to come into contact with, leading to more even and consistent heating. This results in a smoother and more flavorful vaping experience.

Faster Ramp-Up Time: Due to its larger surface area, a mesh coil can heat up more quickly than a standard coil, reducing the time it takes for the coil to reach the desired temperature.

Reduced Hot Spots: Traditional coils may develop hot spots, leading to uneven heating and potential dry hits. The mesh design helps minimize hot spots, promoting more uniform vaporization of the e-liquid.
Longevity: Mesh coils tend to have a longer lifespan compared to traditional coils, as they are less prone to burning out quickly or gunking up with residue.

Enhanced Flavor: The even heating and larger surface area of mesh coils contribute to a purer and more pronounced flavor profile from the e-liquid.

Higher Vapor Production: Due to the increased surface area and more efficient heating, mesh coils can produce larger clouds of vapor compared to traditional coils.
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